Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Got Blackheads, Blemish & Scar? Check out an all natural facial to fix all your skin problems!

Hey Jassi Bleaching your skin will only color your facial hair to a lighter color, but it will not help with your blemishes, scars and blackheads. Let’s start off with Blackheads. People get blackheads when there is excess oil on the skin and it combines with dead skin cells and dirt. Oxidation happens in your pore causing the black color.

First thing I tell everyone who wants a beautiful skin is you must drink minimum 8 glasses of water a day. Water helps to wash out toxins from your body. Then you must exercise on a regular basis, because when you exercise you will sweat and sweat cleans your pores. Also diet plays a huge role also. What you put inside your body reflects on the outside. Try to eat more vegetable and fruits and stay away from oily fatty foods. This will help you minimize your blackheads. Now to remove blackheads give yourself a mini facial. Using all natural products make a gentle facial scrub in order to unclog your pores. What I use is warm up 1/4 a cup of water and let a green tea bag soak in there for about 5 minutes. Green tea contains high antioxidants, is good for firming skin, removing blemishes and aging skin. Add 4 tsp. of sugar, sugar is great for exfoliating and also the powder leaves the skin smooth. Use that mixture to exfoliate the skin for 10 minute. Use circular motions to start removing dead cells from the skin and open ups the pores. Also it will stimulate blood circular. DO NOT be rough but gentle with your skin.

You can add extra ingredient in your scrub according to your needs. Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tomato & Turmeric – Lighten & Brighten (Scars, discolorations) Honey – Close open pores and to firm the skin Yogurt, Coconut Oil & Cucumber – To moisture and soothe skin Once you have exfoliated your skin rinse your face with Luke warm water.

Next step is to steam your face. Steam your face for 15-20 minutes. Once your face is steamed get 2 paper towel folded into square and where you see your black heads being gentle yet with pressure squeeze the blackhead together to remove them. Keep doing that till you can remove as much as possible. You may not be able to remove them all in just one facial.

Next use a natural based facial mask, you can use any of the ingredients above. I like to use Honey, Lime, Turmeric and little Yogurt. Leave that on your face for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off with Luke warm water.

Finish off by toning your face with the left over (cold) green tea and moisture with your face lotion! This facial and mask should help with your blackheads and also your pimple scars. It helped mine =) Let me know how your results were =)

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