Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Products to make hair thicker?

Hey Amy!

To make waves in your hair you first need to decide how lose or tight you want your waves. Also did you want spiral waves like Kim Kardashian or did you want more like a triple barrel wave.
If you want Kim Kardashian waves I suggest using a 1” – 1.25”, I feel like 1.5 does not create a full wave no matter how long your hair is. All you do is section your hair into 3 sections, Bottom (below your ear, middle ear to crown, and top which is the crown and top of the head). Then take 1-2 inch sections depending how thick your hair is and just warp your hair around the curling iron. No need to clamp the hair. Do that all around and at the end run your fingers through your hair to break the waves and spray your hair with finishing hair spray.

One of my most favorite and easy types of hair styles. Some of my favorite brands are Rusk, Hot Tools, Babyliss, and Chi. I do not recommend buying hair tools online. Sometimes their products come damaged and you cannot return or exchange. The best place to buy hair tools is at Sally’s Beauty Supply. They always have curling irons on sale too. I once bought a great one for 30 dollars.

If you wanted triple barrel waves section your hair the same way and just clamp a triple barrel curler section by section. That you can also buy at Sally’s. And the great thing about sally’s is it is open to everyone not just professionals.

Now to making your hair thicker, to be honest no there is nothing that can bring thickness back into your hair. Over the years we treat our hair with heat and color, aging, and diet has a huge effect too. I myself use to have really thick hair as well. Now all you can do it protect is as much as possible. Few things you can do to make your hair stronger, silkier, and shinier.

Hot oil massages. Some good oils for your hair are: Coconut, Almond, Castor, Alma and Olive Oil. You can warm it up and massage it into your hair. This will create blood circulation and help grow your hair. You won’t see dramatic effects but it’s a slow process.

Avoid washing, drying, and curling/ straighten your hair every day. Use high end shampoos like Pureology to help keep your hair clean for an extra day or 2. Also use dry shampoo to style your hair the next day if your hair does get super oily.

Leave your hair natural for days at home. I just wash my hair and while it is wet I apply a pump of Moroccan Oil. Moroccan oil is rich oil that does not make your hair oily, but it moisturizes your hair to the MAX. I have frizzy wavy natural hair, when I just apply the oil in wet hair it looks like I have waved my hair and my hair isn’t frizzy! ;)

Last but not least the most important for healthy hair is your diet, exercise and vitamins. If you do not eat healthy your body is not getting all the nutrients it needs which can cause poor hair condition and growth. Drinking 8 glasses of water, eating fruits and veggies is a must for a healthy diet. Fish is a good thing to eat since it contains omega 3. Some vitamins that can help hair growth are Biotin you can get it from GNC, Omega 3-6-9, and multi-vitamins.
And if you want an illusion of thicker hair, get layers, curl the tips and backcomb your hair.

Hope this helps. Sorry I didn’t want to shatter your dream but there is no magic product out there that can make our hair thicker.

Enjoy! =)

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