Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feeling Full Tip!

Feeling Full Tip: When I’m craving something or a bit hungry first thing that comes to my mind is having a few teaspoons of yogurt! I am talking fat free plain yogurt.

Yogurt is super healthy for you since it provides a good source of calcium which promotes bone and tooth care and can help break down fat cells.

Yogurt also contains a great source of protein which helps our body get strengthenand helps your feel full longer. Having a mid-day snack will make you eat less at dinner since you will feel full and prevents over eating

Many people do not like the taste of Plain Fat Free Yogurt in that case I suggest getting Greek Yogurt it is so yummy can’t even tell its plain and fat free.

I have a bowl of yogurt every day after my workout. You can always add fruit. =)

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