Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swag Bag!!!

Hey Guys!

So I am just going to let you know about the samples I got from London Drugs for being a makeup artist for them just for a day. I have also included a video where I briefly mention what I got but I also swatched my Lise Watier Lip Kiss Crayon and an eyeshadow from Studio Makeup. 

Fido Pen

Rogers – Lip Chap which is great not dry at all, and mints!

Ardell – False Lashes #110: Love them, very natural loving, not to long or to short!

Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gioia: Love it! All you need is one spray, so much comes out on top of that the smell is so strong. The perfume smells so refreshing, not a flowery smell at all. If you like perfumes with a sharp yet fresh smell I would recommend this. I will defiantly buy this!

Chloe – Natural Spray: Not really a fan of this. Has a really flowery smell to it. Doesn’t really spray much out of the bottle, maybe because it’s a sample. I would think this would be a great gift to someone who does not like strong sharp perfumes.

Lise Watier – Desirable: Cute purple bottle which doesn’t spray but pours out. Very unique smell, it is sharp refreshing with a tingle of floral smell to it. Not very strong scent though. Hard to smell it once it’s on the skin. 

Elizabeth Arden: Cute sample perfume bottle doesn’t spray also. I really don’t like this perfume at all. SO FLOWERLY.

BeautySoClean – Cosmetic Wipes: LOVE THEM. You can use them on lipsticks, Gloss, Cosmetic pencil ECT… I used them while I was doing makeup at London Drugs. They have the sanitizer smell it them. All you do is open one up and softy rub it all round the lipstick. Best part is doesn’t break or mold the lipstick even if they are SUPER SOFT and it sanitizes them! Wish I got more.

Biotherm Reminerale – Anti Age Cream: This cream is suppose to fight the 8 main signs of aging. The cream it self has a yellowish color to it, slight smell but very moisturizing. Their website states:

• Reduces skin slackness: 72%*
• Naturally returns substance to the skin: 77%*
• Visibly improves fine lines and wrinkles: 66%*
• Makes skin more supple: 93%*
• Increased firmness: 76%*
• Makes skin more elastic: 91%*
• Leaves skin comfortable: 96%*
• Makes skin look younger: 67%*

Neostrata – Intense Tightening Cream: This serum is supposed to tighten skin instantly. Many reviews says it’s for long term tightening but does show result right away. Many people use this serum to define facial features such as jaw line, neck, chin and cheekbones! Can’t wait to try this! 

Marcelle – Revival Firming + Brightening Cream: This cream is used more on mature skin type, usually for woman who have reached menopause. It tightens the skin and reduces the appears of wrinkles also while brightening the skin to reduce brown spots on the skin. On top of that it is suppose to even the skin tone. I will give this sample to my mom to try out!

Lise Watier – Lipid Replenishing Booster: This cream I would recommend for people that have dry and dehydrated skin. It hydrates your skin and locks in the moisture for the day. I am also going to give this to my mom since she has dehydrated skin.

Lise Watier – Lift & Firm: This cream is used to tighten you skin and give it a lift in the facial contour areas. This sample I will give to mom also.

Lise Watier – Illuminating & De-Puffing: This cream is great for the under eye. I will brighten your eye, works to reduce puffiness and fights dark circles. You can apply it in morning and night.

La Roche-Posay – Anthelios XL Cream: This cream is for skin types that are sun sensitive and have dry skin, but it is suitable for all skin types.

Elizabeth Arden – 3-in-1 Daily Cleanser Exfoliator Primer: I have heard a lot about this Cleanser. Many people with problematic, sensitive, or dry skin this would be great for. I can wait to try this tonight! 

So those were all the samples I got in my Swag Bag from London drugs. I wont be doing a full review for any of these products unless I REALLY love them.

Hope you enjoyed this blog! 

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