Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lise Watier - London Drugs

Hey guys!

So today I got an opportunity to be a makeup artist for Lise Watier at London Drugs. It was there for their customer appreciation day. For 25 dollars their customers get a complete free make over, their hair done, professional pictures taken, and a 5X7 copy of their picture, a bag of goodies and participate in draws. On top of that most of the cosmetics were about 20-25 % off!!!

I arrived there early so I could get all set up. I didn’t need to bring anything. They supplied me the brushes, brush cleaner, sanitizer and ect. I got to work on a few girls and they were just awesome! I did a natural look for the first using peaches and browns. Also did a spring look using green and purple for the second girl. And for the third girl I did a soft smoky using pinks and peaches. 

Anyways in between the make over’s I had some time to play around with their makeup. I did not take pictures of everything I tried, but I will give you my opinion.

This was their Spring Collection:

3-IN-1 MIRACLE PRIMER - $35 – I thought this primer was awesome; it was smooth and didn’t leave an oily film. Half of the primer was clear, and the other was color illuminator to give you that glow and also work as a corrector. It looked so great on the clients I had today. Also it was such a great base for the foundation!


TEINT LIFT ANTI-RIDES SPF 20 - $35 – The foundation was great, not the best. It wasn’t too thick or watery, but it went on very sheer. It did somewhat cover redness on the cheeks but I felt if I wanted to build up it looked cakey. I would recommend the foundation to someone who has clear even skin tone. Color rang was great.


UNDERCOVER CREME CONCEALER - $24 – I truly couldn’t make this concealer to work. I found it to watery and it creased so quickly. I even set it with a good amount of powder, but before I finished the makeup you can see the concealer was caking up. The color selection was not good at all. Either the concealer was to pink or brown.

POUDRE MINÉRALISTE MINERAL LOOSE POWDER - $24 – I found this powder to be pretty neat. It was light, not chalky or cakey. Controlled oiliness very well and set the foundation. Left the skin with a matte finish. The color range was great!

MAKEUP BASE FOR EYES AND LIPS - $17 – This was the first primer I ever bought and I loved it. So smooth and soft it glides and blends right into the skin. Catches the colors of the eye shadow much better and prevents creasing.


HYDRA SHINE LIP STAIN - $20 – Never been a big fan of lip stains, always felt like the after effect of drinking Koolaid. The pigmentation in the lip stains was great! They were not drying as much at first but within an hour my lips were craving chap. Even with a chap stick you could see the color. The stain did last about 4 hours including me eating and drinking.


LIP KISS CRAYON GLOSS - $18 – This was my highlight of the night. SO VIBRANT & BRIGHT. I fell in love the moment I swatched it on my hand. The Lip Pencil was so soft it melted right into my hand. Has a very nice glossy shimmer to it. I bought the Rough Flamingo which is the true red. The fuchsia was gorgeous too decided to try one before I buy another.

BLUSH-ON POWDER - $25 – LOVE! So amazing, great in pigment, great colors. Just flows on skin. Looks so natural. My favour color is Beige and Libertine.


PALETTE BORA BORA EYESHADOWS - $38 – Totally not worth it. Eye shadows were so chalky. Had to pile them up to see color. The picture below are the eye shadows swatched with the eye base underneath.


Over all I enjoyed to play around with their makeup. I would have to say I loved their Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss. They have a good range of lipsticks also. Wasn’t a fan of their eyeshades very subtle colors with not good payback. Oh and their blushes were AMAZING! Great pigment lasted long and looked so great on the skin. 


  1. Loved the review! I'm definitely going to check out the Lip Kiss Crayon!

  2. Thank you!!!
    I am going to upload a video where I applied the red lip crayon.
    It looked amazing will upload it within a few days! :)