Friday, May 13, 2011

2nd Place - Modern Basic Makeup Competition at ABA (Allied Beauty Association) Show

This was my first competition; I made the final cut out of 8. When I got there they didn’t have my name tag and I got worried since I drove from Calgary to Edmonton for this competition. Finally they let me in. Modern Basics had a huge stand, one to sell their products and one stand for the competitors. For those of you who haven’t heard of Modern Basics they are a private labelling company, so people buy products from then and put their own labels on them.

They gave each artist a complete makeup brush kit, an 88 shadow palette and more stuff we got to keep. YAY!

So the makeup artists had 45 minutes to do a red carpet look, and 2.5 hours for decade fantasy. That includes makeup, dressing, and hair. We had 15 minutes to get the makeup we needed for the first look. I was so excited I grab the all the face and eye products i needed, TOTALLY FORGOT about the cheeks and the lips! During the competition I looked like a clown going through the crowd to grab the rest of the makeup I needed to complete the look. I did a soft grey smoky eye and coral lips and cheeks.

Then the models took their pictures, we got a lunch break and did some shopping. Once we returned we had another 15 minutes to pick out our makeup for our decade makeup look. My palette had awesome colors since I was going an 80’s inspired look. Most of the makeup artists finished before time ended. My look turned out better than I thought in my mind. I kept it very crisp and clean. Here are the pictures!

So for the results it took about 10 days for the competitors to find out. I got second place and this is what I will get as my prize!

2nd Place PRIZE: Makeup Kit including: Tray Case, 18 piece Brush set, Kabuki Duet Brush, 88 Shade Eyeshadow Pallet, 6 Shade Blush Pallet, Concealer Pallet, Loose Powder(2), Lengthening Mascara, Volumizing Mascara, Balance Satin Finish Foundation(6), Lipstick(6), Lipgloss(4), Precision Liquid Eyeliner (2), Brow Shader Compact, Infinity Gel Liner (4), Hydro-cream Eyeshadow (4), Glitter Glam (2), Crème Blush(4), Lip Pencil(4), Diamond Line Pencil(2), Eye Pencil(6), EyeBrow Pencil (2), Chroma Color(4), Pigment Lustre(4), Bronzer, Camoflauge(2), 8 piece wedge sponge, Pencil Sharpener, Professional Eyelash Curler, Tweezer, False Lashes(3), Disposable Lip Gloss Wands, Sponge Tip Eyeshadow Applicator, Disposable Mascara Wands, Disposable Slanted Eyeliner Brushes.

To see the rest of the pictures check out my album on my fan page Modern Basis Makeup Competition at ABA (Allied Beauty Association

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  1. Wow!! Congratulations!! That is so awesome!! 2nd place!!! I loved how you did the 80's makeup, that turned out super cool! What an AWESOME prize too. You go girl!!!

  2. Thank you!!!
    I sure was exciting! =)