Monday, August 8, 2011


Finally got to shop in Inglot store! I’ve been more excited to shop in Inglot then I was to be in Las Vegas! I already had made my mind for the things I wanted! When I got there I was kind of upset how small the store looked.

First thing I grabbed by a magnetic plate to pick my 40 eyeshadows I wanted to buy! There were so many colors, I swatched every color on my arm. In the end I picked only 29. Here are some swatches of some of the colors. The pictures do not do any justice my flash was too bright. But hands down their eyeshadows are 10 times better then MAC, and cheaper. Great colors, so soft, so pigmented, bigger in size and only $5 USD!

Then I moved to the lipsticks, again so many colors. I wanted to buy more than 5 but I had a budget for 200 for everything. Lipsticks was the hardest choice, I picked one nude and then rest pink and red shades. The lipsticks look real glittery in the picture because of the flash but they are not that glittery more on the frosty matte side. The lipsticks were great just a little needed to cover all your lips! These were $4 USD.

After I wanted to buy gel eyeliners, since I heard so much good stuff about them. SUPER pigmented and soft. The color selection was crazy from chrome yellow, green, blue, pink, white and more.  I decided to get white as an eye base color since they dried so fast, and black but the rep gave me dark grey insteadL. I love these eyeliners they are MUCH better then MAC & Bobby Brown gel eyeliners. Don’t fade, and are super water proof. You have to use strong makeup remover to get these liners off.

I tried to rub it off! They were still kind of wet

Then I looked around to see what else they had, I found Illuminators! Lately I’ve been mixing all my foundations with illuminators, and I got to say this is the best on I have EVER SEEN! One small little pump goes such a long way and SUCH a beautiful glow! I had to buy it. I saw a white pearly shade and a gold one; of course I got the gold one.

Last but not least, 3 brushes. This is one of the greatest eye shader brushes I used, not flimsy but not stiff. Was so soft and seriously held the eyeshadow no fall out! I love it. Only regret I wish I bought like 3 more of them! Then I got an angled eyeliner brush, which I have to clean right away with those waterproof eyeliners or my brush is hard. Last the brow brush. These brushes are great quality, light and comfortable to use.

I LOVE INGLOT! Much better then MAC and cheaper. I have already decided what my next purchase will be from them! =) 

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