Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holt Renfrew Swag Bag!

On June 8, 2011 I had an opportunity to do makeup and work at a cosmetic counter at Holt Renfrew! An accounting firm sent their entire female clients to Holt Renfrew with a $50 gift certificate. It was a cocktail party with fancy alcoholic beverages and different types of wine.

When I got there we had to fill out some forms, then they took us to get lockers to put our purses and jackets away.

Then it was time to assign us to a cosmetic counter. One girl got Bobbi Brown, one at Shu Uemura, another I don't remember the company name, and I was assigned to Laura Mercier

The manager at the counter educated me of all the products till the cosmetics manager moved me to another counter which was a skin care counter called La Prairie.
I got some information on their products it was quite amazing one product has 24K gold in it, and it was around $800!!!

So then I got moved the last time to Christian Dior! I was so happy since I love their makeup. Their mascara is their biggest seller and I got one! They also have spray on foundation which leaves you with an airbrush effect it was really neat.

I handed out samples, did makeup, got some sales it was awesome. At the end of the night the cosmetic manager came to me and said I can get $150 dollars in product! I got so excited and went shopping for myself! I realized I needed lighter lipsticks in my kit; these are the items I got!

Perfume and Skin Care samples. I had more skin care samples but I gave it to my mom.

AMAZING Dior Show Mascara - $30!

Dior Lip Gloss

 Dior Rouge Lipstick - $32 CAD

Laura Mercier Lipstick in Pixie - $22

Lacome Color Design in Vintage Rose - $35, and Lacome Rouge in Pink Sapphire $27

Lacome Rough in Tawny Rose, Rose Petale, Creme De Marron

Vintage Rose, Pink Sapphire, Tawny Rose, Rose Petale, Creme De Marron

Vintage Rose, Pink Sapphire, Tawny Rose, Rose Petale, Creme De Marron

I dont remember all the prices thats why I checked online some might be off alittle. When I picked all my stuff I knew I was over $150! The managers looked at my bags and said have it all!!! :) I also got a Dior gift bag I didn't take a picture of! I roughly calulated the makeup I got for free was worth $260!!! YAY!!!

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